21st Century Construction Ltd.

“ 21st-C-SystemTM is a simple, fast and economical
pre-engineered and prefabricated modular system
to form load-bearing or non-load bearing walls.”

Founded 2010 in Liverpool, 21st Century Construction Ltd acquired the
UK franchise for a new patented innovative composite permanent formwork
system. Having spent 4 years developing the system, we are now successfully
delivering several projects across multiple field sectors.

Our positive approach, and collaboration with all stakeholders creates life
enhancing solutions. Working together, we will identify and develop the best
solutions for your project, supporting you throughout the journey.

We have the expertise to deliver successful schemes in a challenging economy, getting
the optimum value from your land and delivering benefits to communities as a
whole. We manage each project from initial concept to completion using our
full range of collaborative, value-added services.

21st Century Construction offers a modern approach to building. We utilise
our highly skilled people and commercial acumen to find creative solutions
that fit within economic or political restrictions.

We excel at the use of ethically sourced, environmentally conscious designs and building processes.
We have experience of both traditional construction and off-site fabrication
and can identify the best solution for your project, ensuring all construction
complements its surroundings and the needs of the community.

We can deliver construction solutions across your entire portfolio, building
everything your community needs to flourish.