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Manufacturing Process

The 21st-C-SystemTM consists of specially designed plastic spacers made from
100% recycled plastic and fibre cement boards, bonded together with adhesive
to form a very strong self-supporting formwork, capable of being filled on site
with concrete.

Fibre cement boards are measured and cut in factory conditions to ensure that
the material is bespoke to suit the project design and conditions. Once cut the
21st-C-SystemTM boards are marked for placement of specialist designed spacer
system to ensure correct positioning and ultimate strength within the wall.
To further enhance strength within the system, 21st-C-SystemTM spacers are
bonded to the 21st-C-SystemTM boards and allowed to cure and set.

Installation Sequence

  • The 21st-C-SystemTM panels are delivered to site on pallets.
  • All panels are pre-cut in the factory based on the project drawings.
  • Each panel is labelled to identify its location and sequence.
  • Before installation, the floor layout should be properly marked and identified
    and reinforcing starter bars placed in position.
  • Panels can be easily erected manually.
  • Reinforcing bars can be installed within the walls during the erection process.
  • Once erected, the panels need to be adequately braced and readied
    for the concrete pour.